With the temperatures rising, it causes grouchiness, hotness, and moodiness. Good thing Texas has plenty of swimming holes and we have the list of the top 10 to cool and calm down the vibe of hot sticky temperatures.


Number 1

Balmorhea State Park

Balmorhea, Texas

Its home to the largest spring fed pool. Not only is it the largest but its in the middle of the west Texas desert and you would think that would make it hot but it provides 72 degree water year around! It is also home to fish turtles and other little swimmers. There are cabins for your convenience to stay and admission is on $7 for all day.


Number 2

Jacob's Well

Wimberley, Texas

Another Spring fed swimming hole Jacob'sWell is 12 feet wide and 35 feet deep with another 120 feet angle into caves. I wouldn't recommend diving but jumping from the top of the cliff into the well would be fun to do or lounge around and watch the other brave swimmers.


Number 3 

Hamilton Pool

Dripping Springs, Texas

This amazing spot is very whimsical. Hamilton Creek spills over the half shaded pool creating a 50 foot waterfall. This one isn't always open due to weather and trail conditions so be sure to call ahead.


Number 4

Krause Springs

Spicewood, Texas

This one is unique because its owned by the Krause family and of course spring fed. Open year around they have primitive camping and RV hookups. Not only does it have the swimming hole it also has butterfly gardens and plenty of land to explore.


Number 5 


Barton Springs

Austin, Texas

This one is said to have healing waters because of the "frigid spring waters. I know it heals heat exhaustion and boredom with its diving board and awesome spring waters. Bring a blanket or towel to catch rays on the hilltop but leave your picnic at home.


Number 6

Devil's Waterhole

Burnet, Texas

Droughts take a tole on our swimming holes here and there but at Devils Waterhole drought is not a factor. Come out and enjoy the water, fishing, hiking and camping.


Number 7

Blanco State Park

Blanco, Texas

This one is different from our spring fed simply because it is a dammed river/spring that makes a giant pool as well as fishing hiking and picnic areas for everyone and a short commute to the precious little town of Fredricksburg.


Number 8

Las Moras Pool, Fort Clark Springs

Brackettville, Texas

This one is the third largest spring fed pool in Texas is is a private resort to stay. It sits in the middle of what used to be a functioning military base. Make sure you stay at the resort, the pool is only available to those who do.


Number 9

Garner State Park

Concan, Texas

This one is for the books with its miles of Frio River, plenty of swimming space. Make sure if you want a cabin you check in advance being its the spot to be for the summer in Texas.


Number 10

City Tube Chute

New Braunfels, Texas

This one is made of concrete and stone so the chute pushes you out on your tube. Then relax the rest of the journey down the rio.

Be sure to check out their rules to see what you can and can't bring.