Midlands most desired home destination is in old Midland, and being old Midland means older homes...hence, the name. Older homes come with old, dated trends, like popcorn ceilings! I have done my research and found three easy and somewhat quick fixes for our not so trendy, modern nightmare of popcorn ceilings.

1. First idea is just to get rid of it in general!

-Cover walls and floor with plastic, cut your power off in the room.

-Saturate the popcorn layer with and and scrape away.

- touch up ceiling with joint compound, buff out , then prime and paint!

2. Second idea is skip all the scraping and just cover it up! Plank over it.

-Buy some thin but good quality grade tonge-and-groove wood blanks

-use liquid nails and a nail gun to secure them in place. 

-stain it, paint it, or leave it raw and enjoy!

3.Tile it Out!

-Pick a great faux tin styrofoam tile

-cut to size with exacto knife

-stick up there with glue and again no scrapping!

ENJOY! For more tips check out countryliving.com and housebeautiful.com





Photo Credit:Matt Gross

http://www.realtor.com/advice/home-improvement/popcorn-ceilings-the-faux-finish-for-the-unfinished-ceiling/ Matt