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Crashmaster Presents weekend of Desruction Monster Trucks!

by The Underwood Team

Something to do this weekend in Midland is head out to the Midland Horsehoe Arena and watch some stuff get destructed by Monster Trucks! Showtimes are January 24th, 25th and 26th. Friday and Saturday 8pm and Sunday 4pm.

Kids 3-11 $12.00

Adults $20.00

Purchase your tickets online or at the arena box office.

The Top Three Myths About The ‘My First Texas Home’ Program, Debunked

by The Underwood Team

If you are searching for your first home in Texas, you will undoubtedly have heard of the scheme called ‘My First Texas Home’ run by the state of Texas. This scheme provides low interest rate home loans through the sale of tax-exempt mortgage revenue bonds. Due to the popularity of this program, many myths have sprung up about who is eligible and what the scheme involves. Here are the three most common myths. This article should give you a clearer idea about whether the scheme could help you buy your first home in Texas. 

Myth #1. You Must Be A First-Time Buyer

The grain of truth: According to the state of Texas, the vast majority of people who apply for help under this scheme are first-time buyers who have never owned a home before. 

Reality: In fact, anyone who has not owned a home within the past three years can apply for this scheme. You do not need to be a first-time buyer, nor does it matter if you have previously owned a home in Texas. As long as you meet the program’s income guidelines and buy a home within the purchase price limits, you can apply for a loan under this program. The name of the scheme ‘My First Texas Home’ is catchy, but isn’t literally true.  

Myth #2. The Loans Are Provided Through The Government

The grain of truth: The program itself is run by the state of Texas and the government is your first port of call if you want to apply for a loan.

Reality: According to the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs, the TDHCA does not loan you the money. Many people think that they are borrowing money from the government to buy a home through this scheme. In fact, independent lenders throughout the state of Texas provide mortgages. While you can contact the state on 1-800-792-1119 if you have trouble, the state itself does not provide the loan. 

Myth #3. All Buyers Still Have To Pay A Deposit For A Home Themselves

The grain of truth: As with any mortgage, there are costs associated with these loans including down payments and closing fees. 

Reality: This is one of the most damaging myths as buyers who may be eligible are put off by the thought of having to pay a down payment they cannot afford. Although all homes bought through this scheme require a minimum down payment, the TDHCA will provide funds to lower income buyers. Therefore, not all buyers will have to pay the down payment on their home. If you think that you may qualify, contact one of the mortgage lenders participating in the scheme to apply. You may be eligible for TDHCA funds in conjunction with the mortgage revenue bond programs. 


According to one firm of realtors specializing in real estate in Midland, TX, these myths are limiting the uptake of mortgages under this program. If you think that this scheme would work for you, check out the official TDHCA website for more information. You’ll find lists of participating lenders and be able to see whether you are eligible.

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