Yucca Theatre is in downtown Midland, Texas.

Midland's downtown area has so much to offer, the buildings, old structures and timeless scenery. The Yucca is a great theatre, especially throughout the summer! Many interesting events are held there, including school plays and everyone loves the never  to be missed, Summer Mummers.  Summer Mummers is a long-standing Midland tradition and many look forward to excitement and camaraderie felt by all as they attend the great event each year. The Hilton in Midland is also located in the downtown area. So, if you are planning a visit to Midland, be sure to check out this great hotel.  The Hilton features a fabulous view from the balcony that overlooks downtown Midland. Also each Fourth of July they hold an impressive and amazing fireworks show over the Hilton and downtown, complete with live music….It’s really a treat for the whole family! The night life downtown has several sites that have been popular with locals as well as visitors for a many years. The Bar it’s full of fun with live music and has some great food.  One of my favorite restaurants in Midland is located in downtown across from the Main Post Office on Wall Street; it is The Wall Street Bar and Grill. The Midland favorite has a great atmosphere and the staff is very attentive and the Food is Fabulous!  They have the best sea food and steaks in town! In case you would like a more personal or romantic dinner Luigi's has the great Italian food, with great pasta, pizza, and lasagna over a candle lit dinner!  Midland is a very friendly town with a lot to offer the entire family.