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Midland Water Restriction

by The Underwood Team

Midland Water restrictions have once again changed. The water in  the West Texas area is very scarce and is putting a big hold on home much water use is available to the residents. Our water shed is very low and we need rain tremendously.  

Midland City Council has approved to restrict outdoor watering to two hours per week. According to the newspaper on Tuesday, " A multiplier will be added to the top two tiers of users: Those who use between 10,000 gallons and 25,000 gallons of water per month would be charged to $19.55 per thousand gallons rather than the current rate of $3.91. Individuals who utilize more than 25, 000 gallons per month would pay $22.50 per thousand gallons instead of the $4.50 they pay now." This is 5 times over the normal amount!! 

With the limited availability of water  the Midland City Council approved only two hours per week, hand held hose watering only. It will depend on where you live in the city to what days of the week you are allowed to water.




Oil Production In The Permian Basin

by The Underwood Team





Oil production in the Permian Basin continues to be on the rise. Also, with gas prices soaring over $3.50 a gallon it will be interesting to see how how high the price of oil per barrel gets and also how high the gas prices will continue to rise. Drilling is West Texas is being seen in the area more than ever before. In the local newspaper it stated that, " leading oilmen in the Permian Basin expect to double oil production in Texas within five to seven years." Is this surprising to you?  It will be interesting to see how long this boom really continues and how it changes our economy here in the Permian Basin and in the United States.

"No More White Walls"

by The Underwood Team

Its never good to over clutter your walls, but plain white walls is not the right choice, you want to add personality to each room.  You can decorate from family photos all the way to children's paintings. This is a perfect example of homeade art work that makes a huge difference in a bedroom, living room, kitchen etc. You will be very surprised how much you can change a room by simply dressing the room up!

Word art is very popular and can be found at Wal-Mart, hobby lobby, etc.

Ways to organize your closet!

by The Underwood Team


Here are some simple steps to organizing your closets.

1. If you only have one clothes hanging bar in your closet, it would be a good idea to buy two. The top bar could be all of your tops and the bottom bar can be all of your jeans. This not only makes your closet look more organized, but it will be a lot easier to find clothing.

2.  When you get your clothing separated, you can then separate your clothing into colors. This again makes your closet look very organized and you'll be able to find what you are looking for a lot faster. 

3. If you have high shelves in your closet you can get boxes, containers, etc to put your fall, winter, summer clothing in that you aren't wearing at that time of the year, this will give you more room in your closet. 


Future Transported Water To Midland 2013

by The Underwood Team

​As many of you know water not only in Midland but in the surrounding areas is very scarce. Last summer if you did not have a water well, you could only water your yard on scheduled days. As of now Midland officials are talking about changing the rules to only hand watering two hours a week. 


In yesterdays newspaper it states that Mayor Wes Perry signed an agreement allowing construction of pipelines to Midland's T Bar Ranch property.  It stated that " The City Council awarded a contract to the water supply district to construct pipelines to, and deliver water from, the T Bar Ranch property in Loving and Winkler counties. The contract calls for the district t vein supplying water by May 2013." This is great news!!!



by The Underwood Team

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt


Orange Leaf is now open in Midland, TX. If you are familiar with the area it is across from the mall, in the shopping center with Subway. The location is 4400 N. Midkiff Road.

Orange Leaf Yogurt has over 60 flavors to choose from and then after you figure out which flavor you then get to pick out which toppings you would like on your yogurt from sweet to salty. After you have your yogurt just the way you would like it, you then weigh your yogurt on the scale for the price to pay.

This yogurt shop is one of a kind and sets a very fun atmosphere for you and your family.


New Restaurant & Cinema Coming Soon

by The Underwood Team


Midland, TX continues to expand its businesses and restaurants throughout the area. synergy cinemas, a multi-screen theater, arcade and much more is one step closer to starting its construction and so is Panda Express. Panda Express is an Asian restaurant and it will be located off of Midland Drive in the Walmart parking lot. 

Jeff Benson is the president and CEO of Cinergy Cinemas, he states, " We're building you  a state-of-the-art facility with 11 movie theater screens and the largest screen between Dallas and Phoenix." This will add lots of business to the Midland area and will be a great theater to take your family. 

5 Front Entry fix-Ups

by The Underwood Team



​Big impact improvements that you can make now to boost curb appeal and perk up the approach to your new digs!

ADD LIGHTING: ​Lighting is a simple fix that can make a big change. At night, a hanging fixture can make a huge difference on the appearance of your home. When trying to decide on your light, pick a style that complements your home's architecture. 

​UPGRADE THE DOOR:​ Always think of the front door as an "introduction" to your home. Divided light windows in this paneled wood door offer outside views and fill the foyer with sunlight.  You can even choose to use an install-ready pre-hung door. If you decide to go this route you can make this upgrade in a day. Using all different colors and designs is a great idea for your front porch. It gives your front porch lots of character. 

​CALL-OUT WITH COLOR: ​You can keep the same color of paint on your front door. However, it is a good idea to apply a fresh coat of paint to make your entry stand out. This is a very simple step, but the color makes a huge change in the overall appearance on your entry.

RE-FACE THE STEPS: ​Are you tired of the way your entry flooring looks? You can easily turn a dull concrete entry into a showpiece by covering it with stone. For example, staining the concrete, clay saltillo tiles, split brick, and limestone pavers. 

​PLANT A COUPLE OF CONTAINERS: ​Large potted plants around your entry way provide color and uniqueness. Just make sure the containers you put them in are water proof. An entry way with nothing but a foot mat, to an entry way with pretty flower pots with colorful flowers make your entry way really stand out. 

The way you decorate your entry way is your choice, but remember by adding a few simple steps can make a huge difference on your homes overall appearance.

Displaying blog entries 1-8 of 8




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