The Haley Memorial Library

Many Midland residents gathered at the Haley Memorial Library ( on March 2, 2010 in the late afternoon for a special celebration. The Daughters of the Republic of Texas and the Midland County Historical Society hold an annual gathering to celebrate Texas Independence Day. This day 174 years ago the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed, representing our freedom from Mexico. The Midland County Deputy Sheriff even joined in, leading the group in the annual singing of the Texas state song, "Texas, Our Texas." There was even a "Toast to Texas" with Texas themed shot glasses which were all filled with "branch water." This celebration has been taking place at the Haley Memorial Library since 1996, and before that is was held at the Historical Museum. The history of out state is very important to Midlanders, and we are very proud of our state. Not only was there a celebration, the DRT members went out to local cemeteries Tuesday morning and placed medallions on the gravesides of former members. All in all, Midlanders wanted to honor Texas.