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More Development to come for Midland Texas!

by The Underwood Team

Developers have got the go from planning and zoning for a new outdoor shopping center and an apartment complex in Midland. Midland is in desperate need of housing to accommodate all of the relocating to Midland. 

The apartment couple will hopefully develop west of Tradewinds boulevard just off Business 20. It will consist of 300 units spaced over 16 acres of on average 24 units per acre. The estimated time for this complex once approved is 8 months. 

The new outdoor shopping center is also being taken into consideration. The shopping cent would be located off of Loop 250 near the Blue Ridge Apartments in Midland. The shopping center will be 50,000 square feet with glass front open-air area. 48 trees are required to be planted but the developers have chosen to only plant 26 trees and donate $300.00 to the Parks Endowment Fund for every tree not planted under the required 48. Midland officials are very excited for the development and cannot wait to start the project. 

Homes Selling Fast in Midland Texas

by The Underwood Team

Homes selling like hot cakes in Midland Texas! Faster than anywhere else in the COUNTRY! Last year homes in Midland Texas where on the market on average 129 days and now, it is at a fast 71 days. Midland realtors have commented on the boom; saying you must be on your toes...things can change in a matter of hors, and advised potential buyers looking for a home in Midland Texas to have there pre-qualification letter ready in hand when going to look at homes. With the high demand, there have been offers for homes in Midland Texas well over the market price to insure the home will be theirs. Todays market is the perfect time to sell and buy real estate. 

Fill The Boot!

by The Underwood Team


Midland Firefighters are taking donations from today till Friday at 6:00pm! The donations go to the campaign to benefit the Muscular Dystrophy Association! This years goal is $100,000! So lets help these brave men reach their goal! The MDA is an non profit agency that helps cure muscular dystrophy.  Muscular dystrophy is a group of muscle diseases that weakens the musculoskeletal system. You can make your donation by driving by the following intersections: Midland Drive and Loop 250; Midland Drive and Andrews Hwy. Midkiff Road and Wadley Avenue; and Garfield Street and Golf Course Road.

Restaurant Reviews

by The Underwood Team

Food Inspections are conducted every year at restaurants. April 2nd through the 6th was the turn of many local restaurants in Odessa. The score begins from 100 and points are deducted for food temperature, time requirements, personnel violations, handling food, food and water source, violations of the facility, and equipment. The restaurants have 10 days to fix the deductions to get a better score. If a restaurant gets a score of 70 or less; the restaurant mist shutdown until all of the violations are fixed and a new inspection is done. So far no restaurants are shut down, so I believe that is good news for those of us that love to go out to eat. Everything from Breakfast places to late night munchies are still up and running! 

Midland TX Water Restrictions

by The Underwood Team


Midland, TX water restrictions have changed again, to only watering 2 hours per week. If you go over your watering time you will get charged five times the price. So try not to go over 10,000 gallons per month. A good idea to help conserve water would be to get buckets, when you are washing dishes or letting you sink water get hot or even your bath water.. save the water in a bucket to use for watering. I know many of you don't think about how many buckets a day with could save and help go towards your plants and grass. You should definitely give this a shot and see for yourself how much water will go into a bucket daily. 




             SAVE YOUR WATER!! 

Displaying blog entries 1-5 of 5




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