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MISD breaks ground for new Elementary

by The Underwood Team


New Elementary coming to Midland. Bunche Elementary School. It will be located at 702 S. Jackson St. and will accommodate 800 students. Bunche is one of the three new elementary schools to open by fall 2015. Midland is very well much in need for more schools with the growing population rate.




Photo credit: Tim Fischer - Midland Reporter Telegram 


What Can Ruin Your Mortgage?

by The Underwood Team

There is a huge demand for Midland Texas real estate and this is due to many reasons including the low mortgage interest rates in this strong and thriving economy. Unlike in other parts of the country, Midland and other parts of the Permian Basin market is experiencing high housing demand, as more people are attracted to this unique housing market. The buying and selling of real estate in the region has not slowed down and buyers have a wide selection when it comes to choosing a home.

1. Avoid any major purchases

It is a good idea to avoid any major investments or purchases before you close your mortgage loan. It is important to note that having a mortgage deal lined up, does not mean that the deal is done. Many banks have been known to withdraw mortgages after the individual decides to make a major purchase such as buying a car. 

The banks tend to get wary because this suggests the homebuyer has acquired more debt providing a risk for the bank. It is important to avoid buying big-ticket items until you have signed for the mortgage. This goes for cash deals as well as the banks tend to check this.

2. Major career changes

Making a major career change just after you have applied for the loan can make the lender nervous. When evaluating the home loan application, lenders look at factors such as job stability and salary. A career move can jeopardize your loan application. The bank can decide to delay the process or pull the loan altogether. The lender prefers to wait until you can demonstrate that you have the financial resources to pay your debt effectively.

3. Second credit check

It is a good idea to be prepared for a last minute or second credit check just before closing. Banks will check the credit to make sure that there are no red flags and if you miss or delay making a mortgage payment or fail to make any credit-card payments, you risk losing the loan. You have to be very careful during this period to avoid putting your new home purchase at risk. This is not the time to apply for a new credit card as this can threaten you home loan by triggering a credit-score inquiry.

4. Remember closing costs

Do not spend your last coin on the down payment and forget about closing costs. This is a mistake that many homebuyers make and they forget that the closing costs could be as high as 3% of the total cost. Make sure that you know all the expenses to avoid surprises. You also need to know that closing costs can change without warning and you need to set aside enough money to pay for more mortgage rate points than you were anticipating.

Midland Texas is still below the national and state average for housing prices and this is the perfect time to invest in your dream home in West Texas! When you decide to buy a home, you need to shop for the best mortgage loan. Banks are still cautious when it comes to home mortgage loans and you need to ensure that you do what you can for the home purchase to proceed smoothly. We can help you with that!

Easy and inexpensive DIY ideas for the Backyard!

by The Underwood Team

With Spring/Summer temperatures rolling calls for backyard activities! Here are some inexpensive ideas for those summer nights and breezy spring afternoons to make those memories made in the backyard that much sweeter.


Sweet and simple lighting made easy and AFFORDABLE! Spray paint a tuna fish can any color you would like that of course matches your backyard decor, get one of those PVC pipes laying around from your last project or family member in the oilfield plumbing business, take a trip to the dollar store for a small inexpensive vase and either a scented candle, regular candle, or one of those candles to keep the bugs away and construct a almost tiki but elegant post!


For a more simple less work lighting idea grab a bucket full of pebbles from your favorite creek, old fish tank, or backyard and spray paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint to light up a path in the backyard, or outline your garden or patio.


This one will save you tons of money on over priced patio furniture and you may choose the colors depth, length, color or anything else that has to do with a comfortable bench, lounge couch, tanning lawn chair.  Grab some cinder blocks and paint them any color you'd like (spray paint works best) a few long or short pieces of 4X4 or 2X4 pieces of wood and some throw pillows or old lawn chair mats and you have a great and comfortable sitting area! Not to mention you can upholster them any which way you'd like!


Enjoy! And Happy Summer, Spring, backyard fun!

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