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Indoor Trampoline Park Coming Soon!

by The Underwood Team

Urban Air will be opening its doors soon for Midland residents. 

Urban Air is an indoor Trampoline park and fun center that hosts all ages!

Safe environment for after school fun, parties or just a family night!

Stay tuned for opening day!


Rockhounds Baseball Is Back Again!!

by The Underwood Team




Rockhounds baseball is BACK!!! We have been waiting for the games to begin. This weather has me on the edge of my seat, I cannot wait to sit outside and watch the Rockhounds. The First home game is April 12, 2012. The Rockhounds will be playing Arkansas. This will be a good game to see. Hopefully the weather will be good and the crowd will be on their feet and off the seats to cheer on the ROCKHOUNDS! For a full schedule of when they play and times check out the schedule


by The Underwood Team


The 5 Browns will play in Midland tomorrow night at the Midland College Campus.  The event is tomorrow night 7:30p.m.  This even is open to the public and it would be a great event to take your family and friends to see. The Browns are one family that play for the audience with 5 pianos. WOW!  This wonderful event is hosted by The Phyllis & bob Cowan Performing Arts Series and Friends of the series.


by The Underwood Team


The 2011 Midland Gem & Mineral Show will be holding its 49th annual event this weekend at the downtown Midland center. The address is 105 N. Main Street.  This is a nonprofit organization and proceeds from the show support scholarship funds and educational programs.

This show will be featuring the following:

  • Display Cases
  • Silent Auctions
  • Geoge Cutting
  • Kid's Corner
  • Fluorescent Exhibit
  • Live Demonstrations of faceting, lapidary silver making, bead making

The dealers will be offering: 

  • Spheres
  • Gift Items
  • Stone Settings
  • Faceted Stones
  • Wire Wrapping
  • Rough Material
  • Beads and Jewelry
  • Minerals and Fossils
  • Books, Videos, Tools
  • Gold and Silver Mountings

There will also be hourly door prizes, grand prize. and also refreshments. 

Admission:    Adults-$4           Students-$1          Ages 5 and under- FREE



​The following information is from Midland Reporter-Telegram


by The Underwood Team



Fiddlesticks Farm is not just a farm, it is a farm filled with fun activities for all ages. It has a pumpkin patch for you to find that perfect pumpkin to carve. Not only does it have a pumpkin patch, but it also has a 15- acre cornfield maze. WOW! Now if that doesn’t scream fun I don’t know what does. This farm has pig races, goat walking, hay jump, tube slide, hayrides, potato sack slides, a learning barn, and lots more.  Its not necessary to pack a lunch, the farm has lots of different snacks and meals to choose from.


The farm is located on 5610 East County Road 120 and is open now until November 26th.  Pricing for all guests ages 4 and up is $ 10.00 + tax and children ages 3 and under are free.  The farm is open Monday – Friday for field trips only and open to the public on the weekends.


Happy Halloween!


by The Underwood Team


The Permian Basin Fair is located in Odessa, TX and is currently taking place now through September 17th. The fair is always a big hit! There is always lots of rides, entertainment, art shows, ranching, and amazing food! This is the perfect place to take your kids for some fun. There are several shows, pony rides, petting zoo and lots more.


Saturday night seems to be the night to go! Reckless Kelly is playing at 7p.m and Turnpike Troubadours is also playing! There are several other bands playing and they will all be worth seeing! You will not want to miss out on all these events! 


Tickets are very reasonable!

​Adults $10



​Childen 3 and under FREE

​Go and enjoy some great entertainment and fun with family and friends!




Midland's Residents Are Urged To Conserve!

by The Underwood Team

Midland's Residents Are Urged To Conserve!


Conserving electricity today and Tuesday in Midland has been requested by the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. They entreated residents to please cut back on the electricity use this week today and Tuesday from 3p.m. to 7p.m. Honestly, this should be brought to your attention in general to cut back your usage. Be aware of how much electricity you are using and how much you are wasting by leaving lights, fans, and unnecessary appliances plugged in.

This heat across Texas has caused temperatures to be sky high and we really need to be aware of our electrical use to help lower the risk of blackouts. ECOT representatives also stated that "record high temperatures of 103 tied the record for the date set in 2002."

If residents in Midland, or if you are reading this and are not in Midland, please help conserve your electricity as well, it will help reduce the chances of blackouts. Always remember when you cut back on your electric use, you are one more person that is helping make a difference.  


Have a blessed day!


by The Underwood Team

The word PRAYER is a powerful word with a powerful meaning and prayer also changes lives. We need prayer in Midland, TX! We need rain very badly in the area. Not only does Midland, TX or the state of Texas need rain, but lots of areas in the world are needing rain. 

God works in mysterious ways and he also answers prayers. If you are reading this blog, could you please pause for a moment and just simply pray for rain. You would be surprised how fast prayers could change moments and things in everyone's lives. 



Midland County Proposed Tax Rate

by The Underwood Team

Midland, Texas

Midland County proposes to lower property tax rates in the fiscal year 2012. Midland county commissioners proposed earlier this week to decrease the property tax rate for the upcoming year. They will vote on this proposed tax rate in September. This would definitely be another benefit to living in the Midland, TX area. Midland's economy is better than it has been in years.


If the proposed tax property rate decreases, it will decrease 6.4 percent. The current property tax rate is 0.211805. If the proposed rate passes for 2012 the property tax rate for 2012 will be 0.198207. Also, compared to the 2010 fiscal year, there has already been a $5 million increase.


by The Underwood Team



CAF Airpower Museum is located at 9600 Wright Drive. There is lots to see at this museum such as: American Combat Airman Hall of Fame, Save the Girls' Origional WWII Nose Art, USO Exhibit, Conservation Lab, The Artwork of Peter Hurd, and lots more. There is so much to read and learn at this museum. It has had lots of recent updates and would  be a great place to take your kids during this hot summer weather. There are some very popular educational programs going on as well. These programs are open to students who are out for the sumer or for anyone who is interested in learning about WWII, History, and flight in general or just to enjoy some fun!!

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