Midland, TX  has several job openings in the area. Everywhere you look there are "HELP WANTED" signs and "NOW HIRING" signs. Midland, TX has most definitely become a job seeking market to say the least. There are jobs available anywhere from working at Best Buy or Taco Bell to being a Sales Representative for an Oil Company.

According to The Workforce Commission Office, "Midland's workforce continues to grow from 77,783 in June to 78,586 in July and only 4,036 unemployed." This is great news! Over 1,000 jobs since last year have been made avaliable in the Midland area. 


Midland, TX is for sure the happening place to be! If you are interested in moving to the area please call The Underwood Team at 432-698-0411. We would love to help assist you to a home of your dreams.