There are many real estate agents around, but how do you know if you are choosing a good one? The good news is that there are several ways in which you can check on a real estate agent you are thinking of using the services of. Read on for some great tips on choosing a great real estate agent.

Check accreditations 

A great real estate agent should be officially accredited. This means that by law they will have passed a series of tests in order to work as an agent. In order to carry on working as an accredited agent they must also participate in annual education courses. Accredited agents are required to abide by a strict code of ethics, and are fully registered, making them the best and safest choice. 

Check experience

Although an inexperience real estate agent may still work a great deal for you, and experience agent is usually best. An experienced real estate agent will be able to present you with a sales record and a list of references. An experience estate agent should be happy to provide you with any details required, if not, walk away. Any estate agent who does not wish to disclose references or a sale record should be a red flag warning. In this case you should find another agent who is more willing to present documentation. 

Request a marketing plan outline

Any real estate agent worth their salt will be happy to draw up a marketing plan outline. This outline will include an accurate pricing of your property and will include a commission rate. It is in your agents’ best interest to price your property well, as they stand to make a considerable commission from any sale. Make sure that you have complete faith in your real estate agent and are happy with the marketing plan outline prior to taking the agent on.  

Agency or private agent?

There are two types of real estate agents; a private agent or one who works within an agency. Using an agency based real estate agent will ensure that you have access to a great deal of marketing resources. However, a private agent will offer a more personalized experience. In order to work out which service is most suitable for your needs you should ask for quotes and marketing plan outlines from both private agents and agency based agents. That way you can work out which service suits you best.  

Note: The most important factor here is to have complete faith in your real estate agent. Finding out what their sales record is, what accreditations they have, and what references they offer, can help in this. Never take on a real estate agent you have doubts about, for it could cost you both in financial terms and mentally though stress. Make sure your real estate agent is experienced with homes for sale before agreeing to work with them. You can source private agents and agency agents via your local directory or online.