Ways you can contribute to help the Mosquito population


  • Empty all flower pots, old tires, gutters, standing water.
  • Change out the water collection pans on your flower pots.
  • Cover anything that can or might hold water.
  • Maintain swimming pools with the proper care.
  • Repair or prevent any outside leaks, (Ex: plumbing, window units etc.).
  • Clean things weekly that need water daily. (Ex: Bird baths, water troths, water bowls).
  • Mow your lawn weekly.
  • Use mosquito replants for your yard. Tiki Torches, bug replant candles, bug spray etc.
  • Fill holes, nooks, and crannies that water can stand in.


It takes anywhere from 10-12 days for mosquito larva to produce after it rains. Keep that in mind when we have rain.



photo credit: bestclipartblog.com