We all hear about what to do for curb appeal when thinking about putting our home up for sale, but do we ever hear the DON'TS side of the idea? We have a couple of don'ts to share with you on that subject.

Don't paint your exterior home an improper color, stick to neutrals, gray, black,white, beige...etc. I know most like to paint their homes a personal color but when putting it on the market...you have to think neutral for the next persons ideas or preferences.

Don't park your vehicle in the driveway unless necessary. Its very distracting in pictures. Cluttered driveways give off a sense of lack in storage, as in enough space to store your car and everything else. 

Make sure to upkeep on gardens the entire time your home is on the market. Gardens may not look great every out season but you can spruce them up by getting rid of dead leaves and plants.

Garden appeal. Your dream garden might just be another persons worst nightmare. Try to make your landscape appear like a low - maintenance yard. This is crucial with potential buyers.

Keep it simple...religious decor, lawn ornaments, toys, and lawn tools scattered around or even piled p in a corner is very unappealing to the eye. 


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