It's very exciting being told YES! No matter what it is.. its exciting to hear the word yes in the real estate world. But did you know there are two definitions to the word YES when told by a lender?? Not very many future home buyers know the difference between the two definitions, and get way ahead of themselves, and before you know it someone is starting to say no! To be pre-qualified, which is another term for YES is just an estimate of the amount of mortgage you can afford. To be pre-approved is a sealed deal that you are ready to take off and find your dream home! Pre-approved means everything has a check mark! Your credit, finances, debts, and income have been verified. Being pre-approved makes you officially official! The real estate market in Midland is very different but simple compared to other cities in the U.S. Every listing agent wants to see a pre-approved letter from a lender before they will even consider your offer. It is crucial to be pre-approved before even wasting time looking at homes! So, I ask you....Are you PRE-APPROVED??? If not, we have great lenders that can help you with this process! Call us today! Let us find the perfect lender for you! Hope to hear from you soon!