Federal Officials have denied the Dunes Sagebrush Lizard from being put on the endangered species list. This lizard can only be found in West Texas and New Mexico. The decision was based solely on best available science. It is found only in sand dune complexes that have shinnery oak which are mainly where oil and gas production are produced. If the lizard had been protected it would mean that the habitat of the lizard can not be harmed or disturbed in anyway which would effect the massive amount of 100 million barrels of oil produced everyday here in West Texas and New Mexico. Environmentalists have called the decision unfortunate and argue that U. S. Fish and Wildlife Services are giving into political pressure and energy interests. But 95 percent of the lizards habitat in New Mexico, and more than 70 percent in West Texas is contracted under voluntary conservation and perfect science not to put the reptile on the list now or in the future.