With Spring/Summer temperatures rolling in...it calls for backyard activities! Here are some inexpensive ideas for those summer nights and breezy spring afternoons to make those memories made in the backyard that much sweeter.


Sweet and simple lighting made easy and AFFORDABLE! Spray paint a tuna fish can any color you would like that of course matches your backyard decor, get one of those PVC pipes laying around from your last project or family member in the oilfield plumbing business, take a trip to the dollar store for a small inexpensive vase and either a scented candle, regular candle, or one of those candles to keep the bugs away and construct a almost tiki but elegant post!


For a more simple less work lighting idea grab a bucket full of pebbles from your favorite creek, old fish tank, or backyard and spray paint them with glow-in-the-dark paint to light up a path in the backyard, or outline your garden or patio.


This one will save you tons of money on over priced patio furniture and you may choose the colors depth, length, color or anything else that has to do with a comfortable bench, lounge couch, tanning lawn chair.  Grab some cinder blocks and paint them any color you'd like (spray paint works best) a few long or short pieces of 4X4 or 2X4 pieces of wood and some throw pillows or old lawn chair mats and you have a great and comfortable sitting area! Not to mention you can upholster them any which way you'd like!


Enjoy! And Happy Summer, Spring, backyard fun!