Midland, TX

Not only has there been an increase in jobs and housing, etc. but, schools in Midland just began and MISD (Midland Independent School District) realizes that there also needs to be an increase of teachers in the area. This is great for Midland, but this means 16 new teachers need to be hired by the end of September and the plan is to make that happen. 

Since last fall there has been a 1,565 increase in enrollment. This has caused teachers to have 30+ kids in their classrooms. To decrease this rate there will need to be 9 regular education positions open at 7 schools and 7 bilingual positions open at 4 campuses. It is also been stated that usually after Labor Day weekend more students will join the schools as well. 

This is great for the Midland area, but Superintendent Ryder Warren States, " the hiring of new teachers will increase costs for the district, their salaries will come from the district's reserve or by cutting something else from the $162 million balanced budget." 

Let Midland continue to grow!!


God Bless, Have A Great Day!