Midland Texas Real Estate - White Christmas

Midland Texas - Sheridan and Marshall McCray help their mother, Daria load food itmes into boxes as they and others at First Baptist Church load boxes with food as part of the White Christmas program giving food baskets to needy families. Photo by Tim Fischer/Midland Reporter-Telegram

Monday, First Baptist Church marked the 30th year the church has been participating in “White Christmas,” that feeds those struggling in the community to have their own holiday feast.  

Each year since the first, the program grows with more groceries, donations and volunteers; and this year, the church sponsored their largest with about 304 holiday feast boxes assembled and distributed.  With frozen turkeys, boxes full of dry and canned goods…over 300 families are able to fix a holiday meal this year. About 450 families signed up to be recipients.  A third of those who registered did so by coming to the church office when the registration process began November 1st. The majority of the families in need -- about 65 percent -- were added to the list by the schools and Midland Independent School District staff. 

Hank Henry, associate minister of missions said, "our primary focus is to get people who come here (connected) with a church in the community. It doesn't have to be our church; any church is fine." 

Parishioners chipped in to buy the food items for each box; those involved in Sunday school classes are assigned specific items like boxed stuffing, macaroni and cheese or canned vegetables. Staff also provides turkey to pass out along with the other groceries.

Midland Texas Real Estate - White Christmas II

For those who remembered for Halloween this year, church staff and volunteers moved their annual Trunk-or-Treat event from their parking lot to five area city parks to reach more Midlanders. Continuing to expand their outreach at the community level, Mission trips across the United States and the globe also have taken place this year.  Henry said their members will soon partner with Angel Food to help supply a $24-a-month food box to a hungry child across the state.

It's outreach opportunities like those that the Arrambides said they are grateful to be a part of and help to make the holidays count.  "To us, it's being able to be God's feet, hands and eyes and able to do what he tells us to give here on earth. It just adds to the excitement," Sarah Arrambide said.