Midland Water restrictions have once again changed. The water in  the West Texas area is very scarce and is putting a big hold on home much water use is available to the residents. Our water shed is very low and we need rain tremendously.  

Midland City Council has approved to restrict outdoor watering to two hours per week. According to the newspaper on Tuesday, " A multiplier will be added to the top two tiers of users: Those who use between 10,000 gallons and 25,000 gallons of water per month would be charged to $19.55 per thousand gallons rather than the current rate of $3.91. Individuals who utilize more than 25, 000 gallons per month would pay $22.50 per thousand gallons instead of the $4.50 they pay now." This is 5 times over the normal amount!! 

With the limited availability of water  the Midland City Council approved only two hours per week, hand held hose watering only. It will depend on where you live in the city to what days of the week you are allowed to water.