Midland's T Bar Ranch has promised resources by May 2013. Residents will have water for decades after, but we are likely to see tighter restrictions on water until the pipelines are completed. Mayer Wes Perry and staff have said that without any increase in rain, even stricter watering schedules will follow. The total irrigation amounts will depend on how much the Colorado River Municipal Water District can provide. The board will meet February 8th to decided the level. There is a possibility that soon Midlanders will only be allowed one day of watering each week. Perry said the goal would be to keep shrubs and trees alive, but lawns will not be a priority. Furthermore, the top-tier water users could see their bill increase if the city enters into parts of the drought contingency plan. 

A finalized contract with the Midland County Freshwater Supply District #1 is still in the works. The pipeline from Midland's T Bar Ranch in Winkler and Loving counties to Midland will be constructed by May 2013. It will be funded through the water district's revenue bonds. Midland does own the water that will be pumped, but we will pay a fee for it coming through the pipelines.

The city will still be purchasing water from the CRMWD through its contract into 2029. The second resource from T Bar will lessen the reliance on CRMWD and allow other cities to use resources.  Even though T Bar should take care of the next 40 years for Midland, the city will continue looking into options for its 100-year water supply plan. We are still to be aware of the drought and conservation should remain a key!