When you hear people say " Midland, Texas is growing" they are not lying. Midland's economy is the best it has been since 2008. Businesses are booming, and people are moving around the area of Midland and also to the area! Why is the economy so good right now in Midland, TX? It is mainly the oil business. When the oil prices rise in Midland Texas it really helps boost the surrounding economy.

Statistics from the Midland's Code Enforcement office statistics stated that, " from Janurary 1st through August 9th, 385 permits had been issued for new home construction." This is awesome! 

In alot of areas around the world the economy is still in the slump from the past, but Midland is really the place to be. Travis Pate states, " In Midland, TX its going to be less expensive to build your house today than it would be tomorrow or the next year." Space for new businesses and new homes are going fast!