How do you cook your turkey for Thanksgiving? Traditionally? How about Deep Fried?

We have the steps to a safe juicy delicious Turkey.

1. Brine your turkey the way you usually do and make sure to dry completely. Water is very dangerous with the deep fryer.

2. Make sure to get a a large enough frying pot, Academy is the best place to get a frying pot kit with all the essentials you will need.

3. Take the pot and put your turkey in the pot and fill with water until water covers the turkey completely. Mark where the water stands when you take the turkey out. Be sure to completely dry the pot and turkey.

4. Inject your turkey with any marinade or sauce you'd like. Herbs, sauces, even just butter will give the turkey extra flavor. 

5. Fill pot with peanut oil to the measured mark.

6. Light your fire and heat the oil to 325 degrees.

7. Again... make sure your turkey is free from all moisture on the outside and slowly lower turkey into the oil. Turn off the fire just to make sure that there is no splatter or oil spill. Turn your fire back on once your turkey is completely in the pot. Make sure to use the hooks to put the turkey into the pot. 

8.Fry for approximately 3 minutes per puns of turkey. Make sure the internal temperature is at least 165 degrees.

9. Turn off the fire and remove from the pot.

10. Rest the turkey in a pan for 20-30 minutes. Slice and Enjoy.

To watch a video on how to safely follow these steps visit The art of Manliness on YouTube.

Happy Thanksgiving from The Underwood Group at RE/MAX 1st Choice!