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Midland, Texas - Our Local Flavors

by The Underwood Team

Midland, Texas - Our Local Flavors

Midland Texas Real Estate

Our downtown market has more than heart; it is slathered in homemade, local honey.  Every Saturday morning our neighbors congregate downtown Midland with their freshest (and sustainable) produce, locally raised meats, baked goods, honey and etcetera in tow to promote our local businesses, producers and artisans; but most of all, to celebrate our community.  For Matthew Hanson, organizer of this community market, Midland Downtown Farmers Market is his child and feels like we all play a part in its fruition.  After a first time visit, I already feel a part of a community I left back in California and that kind of camaraderie is something our youth should experience.  Their goal is to establish a sense of community and to revel their choice to make, create and raise what they sell.   Most of these vendors believe in cutting out the middle-man and bringing these products straight from the farm to your table—you can’t beat that kind of purity. 

It’s humbling to know that Matt worked very hard to obtain this accomplishment for our city.  A farmer himself, Hanson started this farmers market with three vendors and sometimes sold produce right out of his truck.  Now, the growing list of vendors at the MDFM includes a variety of goods and services like baked goods, hand-knitted goods, handmade jewelry and body care products, homemade jams and salsa, local honey, and roasted fair-trade coffee…the list goes on and on with other great finds.  With the little pocket change that I had, I was excited to stop by the YT Beef booth (purchased some meat we cooked THAT night), the Cross Country Spice booth (couldn’t resist that truly mouth watering aroma), and a few selected others to pick up some produce.  There was also a cute, free tye-dye booth for children to create their own designs.  Our 8-year-old especially liked the market booth that sold lemonade and how simple it was to understand where it came from, “backyard, kitchen, market, me!” for me, that simplicity is very important.  Food should be that simple. 

Midland Texas Real Estate

The Midland Downtown Farmers Market is open and operating every Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., April-November, on the corner of Texas and Pecos street (@ 501 West Texas Avenue, under the green).  I really encourage all of you to go and savor the local flavor and experience what I’m talking about.

Midland, Texas! Come and Support Our Local Businesses

by The Underwood Team

Midland, Tx, I know many of you enjoy golf (or fun & affordable ideas for family outings)!

Extreme heat and rain in the months of June and part of July is making it hard for the people at Green Acres to maintain a consistent visitor flow.   But when it’s 90+ degrees outside or raining (for 40 days and 40 nights it seems like) it’s hard to get up and on to the green for some putting fun.

In business since 1955, Green Acres (located on 905 Todd Drive) offers a retro golf style course that isn’t like any other in town.  Although it doesn’t have the arcade or bumper cars, it focuses more on THE game and offers more of a challenge for young golfers than the newer designs most of us have gotten use to.  After two weeks of raining a few weeks ago, Green Acres re-opened to be greeted by some Church groups and several families who waited to play through the course as those in front of them shot their bright-colored golf balls into the hole.  Their business, like of those nationally–thrive in the summer and likewise suffers at least a little bit when mother nature doesn’t cooperate.  The hotter it gets, the more people are reluctant to play.

Miniature golf is a great, affordable entertainment outlet close to home.  At $4-$5 dollars a head (kids/adults) you can enjoy a 18-hole outing that can last at least a few hours if played with a big group.  Manager Rudy Ramos says that Green Acres will be open through November, and so there is still plenty of time to practice your swing (or your child’s swing) and contribute to a local business.

Also please keep us in mind for your real estate needs Midland Tx Real Estate.

Thanks and have a wonderful weekend Midland

The Underwood Team

Homestead Exemption, here to stay

by The Underwood Team

Midland Tx Real Estate

In 1,030 districts in the state of Texas, only 218 districts have homestead exemption, Midland being one of them.  Instituted in the early 1980s, the 10 percent local option homestead exemption has become a staple for Midland Independent School District taxpayers.  Thanks to our school board who are cognizant of our society and the economic issues that our community is facing, taxpayers get a break in their taxes and the state funds our school programs.

MISD receives grants and state funding for programs such as prekindergarten, accelerated reading and math and the Optional Extended Year Program, which provides additional support and instruction for students in kindergarten through 11th grade identified as not likely to be promoted to the next grade by the next school year, or for students in 12th grade identified as unlikely to graduate before the next school year, the Texas Education Agency website said.

Our district is currently being penalized by the state for being fiscally conservative & not achieving the maximum amount of funding —by raising our (community) taxes.  Although it would allow more money to afford more teachers, instead of the 35-40 positions that have been eliminated, Board Vice President Tommy Bishop said (speaking for himself) he would not want to eliminate the local option homestead exemption at this time, “from a financial standpoint, I think we’re in pretty decent shape,” he said.  “I know the taxpayers have a lot of input and a lot of impact on what we do for our kids.  Unless the bottom fell out of a lot of things, I would not choose to go after it.”

Keeping the taxpayers worries in mind, MISD is having a difficult time managing budgets when they might get reduced in state funding.  Mayor Wes Perry said the city looked at offering a change to the local option homestead exemption, but decided it wouldn’t have much impact and so has not implemented a course of action yet. 

Fortunately, the Midland school board has been able to retain the homestead exemption while 80% of the school districts in the state have eliminated it.  Board President Jay Isaacs said, “This is another example of where the state is exercising undue control over local school board authorities and responsibilities”.  Superintendent Ryder Warren said there are few districts that offer the local option homestead exemption.  “But I’m very impressed that Midland does.  I think in these economic times, it shows a lot for the district to do that for taxpayers.  I think that’s a good thing for the community,” Warren said.  It is not likely to be eliminated, folks.  

Midland Residents Gather for Celebration

by The Underwood Team at Real Estate One

The Haley Memorial Library

Many Midland residents gathered at the Haley Memorial Library ( on March 2, 2010 in the late afternoon for a special celebration. The Daughters of the Republic of Texas and the Midland County Historical Society hold an annual gathering to celebrate Texas Independence Day. This day 174 years ago the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed, representing our freedom from Mexico. The Midland County Deputy Sheriff even joined in, leading the group in the annual singing of the Texas state song, "Texas, Our Texas." There was even a "Toast to Texas" with Texas themed shot glasses which were all filled with "branch water." This celebration has been taking place at the Haley Memorial Library since 1996, and before that is was held at the Historical Museum. The history of out state is very important to Midlanders, and we are very proud of our state. Not only was there a celebration, the DRT members went out to local cemeteries Tuesday morning and placed medallions on the gravesides of former members. All in all, Midlanders wanted to honor Texas.

Downtown Midland

by The Denise Underwood Team


Yucca Theatre is in downtown Midland, Texas.

Midland's downtown area has so much to offer, the buildings, old structures and timeless scenery. The Yucca is a great theatre, especially throughout the summer! Many interesting events are held there, including school plays and everyone loves the never  to be missed, Summer Mummers.  Summer Mummers is a long-standing Midland tradition and many look forward to excitement and camaraderie felt by all as they attend the great event each year. The Hilton in Midland is also located in the downtown area. So, if you are planning a visit to Midland, be sure to check out this great hotel.  The Hilton features a fabulous view from the balcony that overlooks downtown Midland. Also each Fourth of July they hold an impressive and amazing fireworks show over the Hilton and downtown, complete with live music….It’s really a treat for the whole family! The night life downtown has several sites that have been popular with locals as well as visitors for a many years. The Bar it’s full of fun with live music and has some great food.  One of my favorite restaurants in Midland is located in downtown across from the Main Post Office on Wall Street; it is The Wall Street Bar and Grill. The Midland favorite has a great atmosphere and the staff is very attentive and the Food is Fabulous!  They have the best sea food and steaks in town! In case you would like a more personal or romantic dinner Luigi's has the great Italian food, with great pasta, pizza, and lasagna over a candle lit dinner!  Midland is a very friendly town with a lot to offer the entire family. 


Tax Incentive for 2010

by The Denise Underwood Team

The tax credit has been extended for the upcoming year of 2010! This is not only good news for first time home buyers, but for existing home owners as well! The tax credit has been extended until April 30th, 2010 with an additional 60 days to close the transaction; Complete deadline will be July 1st, 2010.

Existing home owner qualifications are of the following; must have lived in your home for the past five consecutive years in the last eight year period. Income requirements and the price of your home do limit you for the maximum credit; $125,000 per year for a single person; For a couple the income requirement is $225,000. Although others above that income requirement in the bracket for a single person is $145,000 or for a couple is $245,000 that will not include maximum tax credit. For example first time home buyers that meet the income qualification will receive $8,000; or existing home owners will receive $6,500 tax credit. This is a wounderful opprotunity, please feel free to contact me with any of your real estate questions, i would be happy to help!

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