Midland, TX had some extreme snowfall on Monday of this week. The snowfall hit record totals in the West Texas area.  Sleet began to fall early Monday morning and the sleet eventually turned into snow and continued throughout the day into the late evening hours.

The National Weather Service stated, “ 19.5 inches of snow has fallen in Midland since December 1st, 10.6 inches of the snowfall amount was from Monday.  West Texas snowfall amounts have been higher than several cities throughout the U. S." However, we are really hoping and praying that the snowfall from Monday helped decrease the regions current drought conditions. 

I know a lot of people are hoping for more snow in the near future. The snow that falls might be very messy and dangerous, but isn't it just beautiful to look at and see covered on everything? Snowfall is one of God's beautiful creations. 


​Information from: MyWestTexas.com