Midland, TX

 Several Texas wildfires are roaring across Central Texas. As we waited upon the possibility of rain from hurricane Lee, Texas got the wind currents rippling across Texas and even a cold front. This did not help the Texas fires stay stable. 


Monday, in Bastrop County a fire destroyed nearly 500 homes. This is not the end of these fires. As of yesterday, The Texas Forest Service responded to 22 NEW fires for approximately  8,000 acres.  Also, in the last 7 days the Texas Forest Service has responded to 181 fires covering a numerous amount of acreage. 

We still need to pray for rain in Texas! Texas is having its worst drought period since the 1950's. The drought will continue to remain until we get a sufficient amount of rainfall. 

In Mondays paper it was stated that Governor Rick Perry even left his trip early from South Carolina to help his people in the state of Texas.  Perry stated, " I'm not paying attention to politics right now, there will be plenty of time for that. Peoples lives and their possessions are at stake, and that's substantially more important." 

The extreme drought conditions Texas is in, the rolling wildfires, and the suffering people and animals REALLY need prayers!


God Bless