Putting your house up for sale can be a big step and also a big expense. Here at RE/MAX 1st Choice we would like to give you some simple tips on spending very little and changing the look and feel of your home.


1. Opt for neutral paint and carpets but add splashes of color with area rugs, napkins, flowers, pillows, curtains, drapes, towels, or anything that you have that might brighten up the room without it being to busy. 


2. Make the fireplace a focal point- polish your fireplace tools and arrange logs in the fireplace. On cold days it might be a good idea to light a "welcoming" fire.


3. If you are selling a vacant house consider renting or borrowing a few pieces of furniture to create a cozy atmosphere.


4. Just before showing your house, turn on all the lights- including closet and oven lights and those over the stove and kitchen counters. This makes the house look bigger and brighter.


5. Place a small rug in the front of doors leading outside so visitors can wipe off their feet.


6. To give your house an inviting aroma, pour a small amount of vanilla extract on a cookie sheet and place in a warm, not hot, oven.