Here are some tips to keeping your home cooler during the summer and save money at the same time! 

Outside Tips 

-Have your cooling system served annually.

-Replace internal air filters every 30 days.

-Clean the fins on the outside unit with a soft trust to remove dirt.

-Seal any leaks in air ducts

-If you have an attic open the upper vents in it to let warm air out and make sure any lower vents aren't     blocked.

-Make sure that your walls and attic are insulated. 

TIP: Adding insulation in your attic can save you money and one thing you can do yourself.

If you have a Pool:

-Avoid running the pool pump constantly, eight hours a day is enough. Try to use a timer on your pool pump if possible and this will help with costs.

Inside Tips:


-Have your thermostat at 78 degrees or higher. ( each degree below 78 means more energy is being used and causes higher costs)

-Set the thermostat at around 82 when not home. Keeps the home cool enough but doesn't use so much  energy.

-Weather strip around doors and windows.

-Make sure ceiling fans are turning counterclockwise.